The Working Director is an accelerator to help you bridge the gap from where you currently are to where you want to be. Through weekly group coaching calls and an online course, you will gain confidence in your craft, grow your network, understand who you are as a filmmaker, solidify your marketing materials, & more. 


How do you tap into the work that speaks to your soul? What's the next best step for your career? How do you get the next job? When and who should you reach out to? Helping you ask the tough questions and providing guidance on next steps will shave years off figuring it out yourself. Start making a living sooner doing what you love: directing.

Director Jenn Page has been where you are and her mission is to help get you working. Always striving to better herself and those around her, she is continually working towards moving up in the industry and loves to assist colleagues in doing the same. Beyond that, the community you will join is supportive and will become the film family that remains with you through the rest of your career. 

Why Apply To The Working Director?

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A Few Things Covered in The Working Director

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The Value of the Accelerator

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the program for, not for, and other important questions.



Cate Fogarty, Director
Jaimes Timas, Actor
Monique Sorgen, Writer/Director
Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez, Writer/Director
Stacy Singh, Director
Kit DeZolt, Actor/Writer
Sofia Ayerdi, Director
Leah Cevoli, Actor/Producer
Christine Weatherup, Director/Actor
Djaka Soure, Actor/Director
Jeff Perreca, Director/Writer
Gina Full, Director
Brian Ulrich, Director
Anastasia Washington, Actor/Writer
James Rose, Writer/Director
Amber Romero, Director
Tim Lorge, Director

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